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Ideal for learning freely and independently

Without location and time constraints you study according to your own learning style, without having to accept long routes and additional costs...

WHERE you feel comfortable
At home, at your desk, on the couch, in a cafe, on the train, on the beach, on vacation or when visiting relatives.

As fast as you like.
Depending on the time you have available, go faster or slower. Interrupt without losing connection and without additional costs.

HOW you want.
As a correspondence course (the documents are delivered by mail) or on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, as i-learning. Of couse you can print out lessons additionally.

WHEN it suits you best.
At any time of the day or night, on weekends, during a break at work, whenever you have to wait, are stuck in traffic, or just normally in your contemplative hours.

Correspondance packages include 6 lessons, 6 packages in total = 36 lessons.

You can book the individual study packages one after the other (installment payment) or save additional money if you book the 18 base lessons, the 18 advanced lesson or even the complete course (all lessons).

With complete payment the teaching material is handed out package by package or lesson by lesson for learning-didactical reasons!

First choose your form of study

  • i-learning (online)
    Your booked lessons will be unlocked on our portal
    . • You study online (screen, tablet, smartphone, etc.) - additionally
    . • You print out the lessons yourself
  • .
  • Correspondence Study
    . Lessons are delivered by mail as a printed study package.

    • You can book

      • single lessons
      • packages (á 6 lessons)
      • all base lessons or all advanced lessons, or both together
      Pay per lesson, per installment per month or per study package.
      Book all base and/or advanced lessons in advance and save extra.

      overview lessons

      Registration distance learning

      Registration is very simple. Download the registration PDF, fill it out and send it to the address given there.
      Upon receipt of registration, we will create a study login account and send further information by email or regular mail:
      • Confirmation of registration
      • Study ID
      • First correspondence study package with 6 lessons of basic study (mailing)
        - or -.
      • Access data to the i-learning portal for booked lessons
        (for didactic reasons max. 3 for processing)
        After completion, the activation of the subsequent lessons).
      • .
      • The birth chart of the student as a printout (correspondence study) or as a PDF download.

Costs distance i-learning, web based

All base lessons (deferred payment)

per lesson£ 50,00
Total (per lesson, 19 lessons)£ 950,00
per study package (á 6 lessons)£ 270,00
Total base lessons (3 packages, 19 lessons)£ 810,00
All base lessons (prepayment incl. -5%)£ 769,00

Advanced lesson (deferred payment)

per lesson£ 50,00
Total (per lesson, 18 lessons)£ 900,00
per study package (á 6 lessons)£ 270,00
Total all base lessons (3 Pakete, 18 lessons)£ 810,00
All advanced lessons (prepayment incl. -5%)£ 769,00
i-learning (all base- and advanced lessons • prepayment incl. -10%)£ 1.458,00

Costs distance learning, mailing

all base lessons (deferred payment)

per lesson£ 55,00
Gesamtkosten (per lesson, 19 lessons)£ 1045,00
per study package (á 6 lessons)£ 300,00
Gesamtkosten All base lessons (3 Pakete, 19 lessons)£ 900,00
all base lessons (prepayment incl. -5%)£ 855,00

all advanced lessons (deferred payment)

per lesson£ 55,00
Gesamtkosten (per lesson, 18 lessons)£ 990,00
per study package (á 6 lessons)£ 300,00
Total all base lessons (3 Pakete, 18 lessons)£ 900,00
all advanced lessons (prepayment incl. -5%)£ 855,00
all lessons (mailing • prepayment incl. -10%)£ 1.620,00
• Additionally we offer 3 practical seminars (approx. 20h each), in order to deepen the professional horoscope interpretation
• Costs £ 200,00 each • all payments in US$ as well