Software for Huber Charts

MegaStar is a comprehensive program, catering for both traditional astrology and Huber style astrology. Includes AstroCora features, plus soul analysis, local analysis, Integral charts and Karma clicks.
The Ephemeris includes the asteroids.
In addition to the Koch house system, Topocentric, Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus and Equal house systems are available.
Chart presentation can be tailored to the user’s taste.

Special offer

Rent MegaStar during your studies
Receive a license for the period of your distance learning lessons!
Bargain price: € 20,00 per month. Monthly rates are calculated as down payment in case you purchase the full license.

Full MegaStar license

-Full edition • € 599,00
Limited Edition • € 299,00

How to get MegaStar?

  • Download the software:

    Full Edition (all Huber features + main features of classical methods)

    Linited edition (main features of Huber Method)

  • Install software (Windows only)
  • Start software and note reference code
  • Send code to us or test software for some days
  • Receive usage code after payment

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