APA Code

APA Code

This code was originally derived by Bruno Huber as representing the spirit of all practising astrological psychology, and has been adopted by Huber Schools worldwide.

Basic Attitude

  1. The Astrological Psychology Association identifies itself with the general declaration of human rights: “All human beings are to be allowed equal rights and liberties, are born equal in rights and dignity, are endowed with reason and conscience and should meet each other in the spirit of brotherhood …”
  2. We regard astrology exclusively as a diagnostic tool, with which we can recognise differences in character, problems of the human psyche and of psychological-spiritual development. Thus, astrological knowledge should above all be used to gain self-knowledge and as therapeutic help, as well as a means for solving conflicts – and not for prediction of the future.
  3. Astrological psychology combines the astrological knowledge of the past with modern psychological insights. It is capable of explaining a person¹s subjective attitude and its cause by revealing his inherent motivations and the conditioning affecting them. An astrological-psychological counsellor or teacher must have solid psychological knowledge in order to be able to fully grasp the problems of another person.
  4. The basic concept of astrological psychology is based on the understanding of man as a whole; he has a psyche which is linked with the environment, but he is also a spiritual entity (individuality) who can be responsible for itself. With this basic concept it is impossible to consider or treat man as predetermined or like a computer.
  5. The Astrological Psychology Association takes as a precept the originality of the human individual and therefore regards uniform thinking only valid within the context of the subjective, single being. A person can only be understood in his individual character and manner and the corresponding subjective standards.


  1. It is the Astrological Psychology Association’s open policy to support only those astrological research results and methods, which can be proved by the reality of the human situation.

  1. Astrological research must work out its own humane-scientific methods of proof. We refuse to proceed along the lines of the contemporary system rule of the natural sciences. Statistics is only a conditionally suitable means for understanding the individuality and complexity of man.
  2. Research should bring proof for traditional knowledge, or it should develop new systems of classification and methodical practices which are empirically repeatable in the therapeutic situation. The astrological-psychological counsellor/ teacher should constantly cultivate an attitude of a researcher.

Determination and Adaptation

  1. The changeability of collective norms is historically evident. Any application of temporary or local collective norms for the purpose of assimilation into the community (adaptation) implies the restriction of a free and full maturing process. Thus, adaptation cannot and must not be the motivating expectation of the astrological psychologist. This applies especially to indoctrination, discipline, behavioural therapy and reflex training.
  2. Like many modern schools of psychology, the astrology of the past has been geared toward behavioural determination. Any statement made along those lines inhibits the freedom of thought and action, because it pushes a person into a defensive attitude and self-fulfilling prophecies. Astrological psychology is not fortune-telling but a particularly apt psychological diagnostic tool. Therefore, to make concrete predictions for the future has to be considered unscrupulous.
  3. As of now, astrology is not able to explain the astrological cause and effect mechanism in natural-scientific terms. Astrology is, however, able to use this mechanism perfectly in the form of the individual horoscope, when the astrologer regards it pragmatically as an indicating device for human character. The Goal: Freedom and Responsibility for Oneself.
  4. The synthesis of psychology and astrology makes possible both a differentiated understanding of personality, and an integration and restructuring of the whole person. The creative energies of the personality are liberated and the person, taking initiative and responsibility for himself, begins to rearrange and restructure his life.